Monday, May 10, 2010

It's a bird.. its a Plane... it's Maycie, Gaige, Mommy, and Jana on a plane!

This April we got the chance to go to Oregon to see my niece Ana get babtized and spend some time with all my siblings and all the cousins! We realized that it was Easter weekend, and Maycie's spring break was the week before, so instead of driving we "HAD" to FLY... DARN!

This was Gaige's first time and a plane and I was very nervous... but he did GREAT! We were so lucky that Aunt Jana got to come with us! So the first flight Jana sat with Maycie, and Gagie and I sat behind them. It was so fun!

When we landed in Portland, my Brother in-law James was waiting for us, perfect timing! We had to make the 2 hour drive to Astoria, Or. If you have never been to Astoria it is quite a famous place! The "Goonies" House is here! It was so crazy to see!

Astoria is also home to the "Kindergarten Cop" school! My niece Ana attends the school and lives just across the street! Astoria is so beautiful! The entire city is built on the side of a hill! It is full of huge long bridges, and many historical sites! It was so green and so exciting to be surrounded by the ocean. We loved seeing all the different kinds of ships and boats in the harbor.

One thing that we got to see was the Tower. We didn't get to go up it but it was still really neat to see it and the view was incredible! One of things that we were so excited to do was go see the seals! They make the loudest sounds Maycie loved it!
There was just on little thing that didn't agree with all the sight seeing plans, the weather! But, there was no way we were going to let a little wind and rain get in the way of our fun!

So we decided to take the party indoors for a while. We took the kids to walk around one of the little malls. There happened to be a carousel and they had a BLAST! We even got a chance to see the Easter Bunny!
We stayed in Sea Side at a Beach House and we were so excited! We had so much fun all hanging out together the entire weekend was jam packed full! There was never a dull moment! We were either rockin out to "sing star" or I was freaking out thinking the kids were going to fall down the stairs, (I realized that I am a "little" more paranoid then any of my other siblings, me paranoid I know crazy right) and when all the kids were in bed (well most kids) we were up late , really late, talking and laughing about everything and anything! All the kids had a blast no matter what we were doing! It was so great to have all of us them together. I sure wish that Kasey could have been there too.
On our last day in Oregon I was determined to take my kids to the beach, we kept putting it off thinking there would be a break in the weather. We were running out of time so I just said OK lets bundle up head out. The beach house was just a short walk to the beach so I thought how bad could it be. So we went... We weren't gone any longer than 10 min before we were soaked to the bone and freezing! We didn't make it to the water, but I got my picture of the kids at the beach! What a GREAT TRIP!! I cant wait to go back!


Tegan said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Thanks for the fun on Saturday. Peyton can't stop talking about it :)

Kaylynn said...

Gaige looks so miserable in that last picture! So fun! You captured the week perfectly!